Collective Weekly Reading for May 18 to May 24

If you’re stumbling upon this post, it could be with even the smallest purpose. This week, I’ve gathered a few cards to give us an idea of what to expect and focus on in the coming days. This is my first collective/general reading for the masses! I'd love to hear back from you regarding what stood out or what spoke to you. So, why not stay for a while and see if there are any messages that reach you in this reading? Maybe you'll be reminded of something you've already been thinking about, and this reading will just serve as a refresher for your thoughts. So, let's get right into it! And remember to pay attention to what speaks to you.

Decks used in this reading: Tao Oracle by Ma Deva Padma, The Illuminated Tarot by Caitlin Keegan, and The Spolia Tarot by Jen May and Jessa Crispin

(Top Card: Theme/Identifier, Far right: Cards that fell out, Middle: Drawn Cards, Far Right: Back of Deck Energy)

Key elements for this week: *law of attraction* *well-being* *letting go* *responsibility* *mental conflict*


The Attraction of Opposites 44

Some of you are going to be feeling a push, while others will feel a pull.

Mutual attraction can indicate comparability, but it doesn’t always guarantee it. This sudden pull can be released just as easily as it appears. This week, some of you are going to be pulled toward something or someone. It can be someone new in your life or someone already in it. It can be a new project, idea, investment, or career aspiration. Whatever or whoever it is, it's going to require taking a step back to approach the situation with a clear mind. During this state of magnetism, don’t forget to approach situations that involve other people with a sense of respect for their independence, as well as your own.

On the other hand, some of you might be dealing with a situation right now that requires a lot of patience, so you need to take a deep breath and understand the uniqueness of the predicament at hand. This is where the push comes in. Because of the situation, it is important to maintain balance and support conscious evolution versus feeling excess and over-emotionalism. Basically, try to keep your feelings, thoughts, and reactions in check because your health and well-being matter, and have a huge influence on how you face everyday tasks, make decisions, solve problems, and approach life in general. With this in mind, something or someone else will be exerting pressure onto you and yes, for some it can be of the attraction or romantic sorts. The pressure can either create diamonds or make you feel overwhelmed. Some of you may be feeling temptation creep in this week; it might start off as curiosity or flirtation, and quickly turn into a passionate affair. Be careful not to invest too heavily on a particular outcome. For some, probably many, it can be the pressure of responsibility, finances, choosing the right direction, or making the right decisions for yourself or for others around you. And during quarantine, this kind of push and pull makes sense in both an attraction and purpose/returning to the new normalcy kind of way.

Additional note: Watch your impulsiveness this week, as some temptations when acted upon can lead to regret. Take responsibility for your actions and don’t deny or place blame elsewhere. This week, it’s all about making decisions that push or pull you forward, not backward. And sometimes what’s forward may take on the appearance of your definition of what's backward and vice versa.

Summary of I Ching Lines:

  • Focus on finding balance. Where there is balance there is unity and progress.

  • Your well-being will be challenged this week. Be aware of anything that could be undermining your well-being internally and externally. If you feel like your mind is venturing into dark or crowded places, put it in check. If you are not aware of the power of your own thoughts, even the little ones can grow into something heavy and spread. Be diligent to work through your inner judgement and complaints, and watch out for any unhealthy outside influences.

  • Something has you preoccupied, and you’re moving in a direction that is bringing out uncertainty and hesitation. Maybe you’re feeling uncomfortable, so it’s best to clear your own mind and understand where these feelings and thoughts are coming from before you press forward with any solid decisions.

  • Practice tolerance and forgiveness. Someone or something might be bugging you, but shutting them out without first trying to understand becomes a reflection of small-mindedness. And yes, this can be done while still respecting your boundaries.

  • You’re damned if you do, damned if you don’t. When you make your decision, just stick to it and continue on your path. It may be time to lessen your load during this travel by letting go of the old so you can make room for the new. If something is no longer in your interest or serves you for your betterment, find the strength to let it go and move forward. Whether it's cleaning your room or clearing up contacts in your phone, find out what still has a place in your life and what needs to be released.

General Reading

8 of Spades: Justice (Reason & fairness)

With Justice coming up right above the 10 of Wands, it looks like we’re going to be having some realizations about the way we incorporate balance into our lives this week. You may be exerting too much energy in one direction or toward a person or situation. Justice is blind, and vision and clarity both come once balance is achieved. Many of you are being reminded to take on different approaches this week approaches that encourage balance and attention to your own well-being. And with the swords spreading upward in the Justice card, some of you are facing conflict as to how to obtain this balance; asking what is right vs what is wrong, or rather, who is right vs who is wrong. Instead of trying to claim the winning side, why not understand both positions and level the scale? Don't become obsessed with just one end of the spectrum without turning your attention to the other side.


We also see that Libra appears from The Spolia Tarot; furthering the need to create equilibrium whether that is within our love life, work life, family life, social life, or personal life (mentally, emotionally, spiritually, physically). Maybe there is a Libra, Gemini or Aquarius involved in this situation, whether that is you or the other person involved (doesn’t have to be). Venus rules Libra, so perhaps for some of you a lover is involved in upsetting your balance. If this is the case, it seems communication is strongly needed, within the self and with whoever else is involved to lessen that weight being carried in the Ten of Wands.

Ten of Wands

Too much of one element is being used here. Some of you are way too top heavy and that puts your balance at risk. Don’t try to live just by fire, it is the most fleeting of all elements. You’re going to feel exhausted, so try incorporating some air into your routine (discipline, communication, balance, focus, and healing). Some of you are taking on way too much all at once. Try to find ways to make this load lighter, whether that is reaching out for help or managing your time, projects, ambitions, emotions, or thoughts in a more practical way. Think of what needs to be addressed and communicated. For some of you, a decision needs to be made in order to drop this weight or distribute it properly. That decision can be as simple as changing your diet, workout routine, daily routine, location, or even reevaluating relationship matters and career plans.

The Ten of Wands paired with Justice is a reminder that maybe you haven’t been able to see what was in your way because you were too focused on being correct or in getting things done on your own. After you open your eyes, you will see the mistakes made by you or someone else, and the path to move forward and grow from them will appear like the road in the 4 of Clubs.

4 of Clubs/4 of Wands

(Solid foundations, stability, celebrations)

This week, you are going to be building something or celebrating an accomplishment it can be related to a new project, a new adventure or course of action, or a newfound attention to your own personal self growth and healing. There is a sense of opportunity here, possibly created by your intentions of making a decision or finding balance in your life. Once you choose your path, try to see it through this week until you see the results you're hoping for. Success is in view, whether that means you have to take a light stroll or a hike to get there. Whatever happens, just know that a new path can always lead to the same sunrise or sunset.

Knight of Wands

The Knight of Wands is the embodiment of pure fire, impulsiveness, and passion. It seems like there is this need to celebrate in the Four of Clubs because something is being created or destroyed by fire to facilitate the creation of a new element, which is essential for the alchemy processes. As you rush ahead, remember to use strategy. This is a reminder not to fall back on that 10 of Wands energy. If you exert your energy in all the wrong places, you will burn down the building before you can walk through the door presented to you in the Four of Clubs. For some of you, this is passion or attraction toward a person or project. For others, this is energy used to start a revolution aka heated discussions, arguments, realizations, and confrontations with others and with yourself. This is another reminder to nip those negative thoughts in the bud, to take responsibility for your actions, and to not let that smoke get you because of the fire you just lit. When you light a fire, focus on creating warmth or transformation, not destruction. The Knight of Wands is also vital energy needed to push forward and see something through such as a project, a new career move, or a decision with vigor and passion.

Queen of Diamonds

This card signifies a bond between the internal and external; the mastery, not control, of nature. Here, at the end of the week, there is the potential to reach a state of balance; it’s a warm sensation, where you feel light, useful, and accepted. But not solely by the outside world more importantly, by your internal world. Some of you will have come to a decision that pleases every part of your being; or you've learned to accept things for what they are, and what they will become. You have achieved something because of the focus you've regained, the effort you've put in, and the grace you've shown yourself and others.

For some of you, this is a reminder to show yourself even more grace. Spirit is practically begging you to look within and find what makes you grow and what makes you whole. You are being reminded to find your center, and expand from there. Reconnect with your being; start planting useful seeds in your mind and watering sprouts that will solidify your foundations. Maybe it's time to take that walk your body has been putting on snooze, or reach out to that person who will always put a smile on your face. Or maybe it's time to consider meditating throughout the week to achieve this state. If you find meditation to be a hard-to-manage affair, try meditating for just three minutes a day. Or even five. Twice a day if you can find the time. Some of you might prefer setting some time aside to do some reading, discover new music and put playlists together, or take a nice hike or stroll. Whatever it is, just give yourself a moment to escape the hustle and bustle of life and learn your inner workings so they can resonate even louder on the outside.

This card is nodding to self-development this week. If you allow yourself the ability to take a step back and make a decision that will benefit the situation you are in or help resolve the conflict you are grappling with, then you will feel like you completed a task successfully with grace, patience, and confidence.

The Moon

Again, we are reminded that a decision needs to be made or the root of something needs to be realized. Some of you are at a crossroads, and a new path of movement needs to be sought. For some, that movement is travel or relocating, and you may be transitioning into a new phase in your life.

If you are still in the depths of your mind or situation, trying to fight against your own animal nature or want to know how everything is going to turn out, just take a moment to close your eyes, silence your mind, and breathe. If you allow yourself to approach transitions with an open mind, the light of certainty will appear clearer to you. In order to reach the sense of mastery and inner/outer balance you are seeking, you have to listen to your deepest needs, wants, fears, and worries. For some, there is trauma involved in this card, something rooted in the subconscious or unconscious mind. There is a sense of confusion and darkness here, but that darkness is what will allow you to distinguish the light. Open yourself to being bathed in this new glow. Embrace your shadow side so you can finally tend to the most neglected parts of yourself you've left tucked away in a box for so long. You will never cease to rediscover the inner workings of your self/Self, no matter what path you are on. So why not start now?

Four of Hearts/Cups (fell out - influences other cards)

This card signifies a hesitation to try something new and the fear of repeating past mistakes. Sometimes you have to let something or someone go to venture into the new. Hesitation to try something new prevents you from furthering yourself in a multitude of ways, even if you're just trying to play it safe. So this week, look out for the opportunities being offered to you; the celebratory energy in the Four of Wands can carry into this card if you allow yourself to make decisions that support your growth.

In the image (left), the flowers already in your possession are withering, so it may be time to think about the new one(s) being offered to you. Or some of you may need to take on a new approach to watering and nurturing your garden so growth and progress can be made. Just remember, these flowers signify opportunity or what is already in your possession or frame of thinking. So whether you take on something new or work on what you already have, it will require your attention, your effort, and your will to keep things sprouting. This can be in regards to a relationship, your work, or the way you are approaching your well-being. Maybe you even need to take 20 steps back to see the situation for what it actually is. Yes, we all make mistakes in life. But mistakes are meant to be learned from. If you allow yourself to live in fear of repetition, try to remember that your daily life is filled with bits of repetition intertwined with bits of differences. And sometimes it takes years to realize that some repetitions need to be broken, whether that is in regards to your health, your relationships, or your relationship with the self. This card is telling you that the week requires transformation, but it also requires you to put your fears aside of what that transformation could mean and what it could take to reach it. The opportunity of growth you’re avoiding could be the growth you need to break any existing cycles that do not serve your best interest. Will you take the risk or will you sit back with what you have and continue to stay comfortable?

52 Keeping Still (back of deck energy)

This card is a reminder to find stillness within the busyness and confusion of the world around you. Meditation is encouraged; it will give you the feeling of looking off into a valley from the highest peak where you can observe everything from a distance. Try to let whatever is bubbling up in your mind simmer down before you pour it out. It is optimal to reinforce positive thoughts, but do not forget to face the thoughts that create tension in your mind. By engaging in both happy and sad thoughts, you can work out your need to balance the bad with the good, and practice self-acceptance.

Summary of I Ching Lines:

  • Use a form of meditation to step outside of your mind; put aside any distractions so you can focus on what you need to find balance and the answers you are seeking.

  • This is the time for you to gain overview. Sometimes the harm we put out is born from the same harm we do to ourselves. Reevaluate your responsibilities and ask yourself if you are approaching the situation in a mature and open way. If you feel like you are taking on too much right now, try to find more silence in your life. Do not become a prisoner of your own thoughts or inability to see things for what they are.

7 of Cups (back of deck energy)

(Secrets, imagination, new feelings)

Some of you are going to be attracted to a new person or someone already in your life, while others may be attracting a new project, a new career prospect, or a new place or familiar place to call home. Be sure to be able to distinguish illusion and imagination from reality and foundation. You may be surprised to find that something isn’t what it seems or maybe there is still information that needs to be collected or shared in order to better understand the situation or what is coming into your life. Something is going to be revealed, whether you are doing the revealing or if someone is revealing something to you. Or possibly, it is something you’ve been hiding from yourself.

Leo (back of deck energy)

Leo is all about creativity and performance; it rules the heart and is ruled by Libra. Some of you are seeking attention from someone you are interested in or maybe even from family, friends, or someone in a work setting. You may be a Leo, or there could be a Leo (Aries or Sagittarius) in your life this week that will be affecting the situations you find yourself in. Maybe you are seeking their attention, and not receiving it in the ways you would like. Or maybe they are seeking attention from you. Some of you will be experiencing Leo energy in another way; instead of seeking attraction romantically, you may be wanting to create beauty physically through creative projects, writing, theater, and dance. It’s all about channeling your talents into the work you want to fulfill. Take hold of your energy and use it to fuel this week through the art of expression and by living your truth unapologetically.

Last Thoughts/Summary

For some of you, important decisions are going to be made this week. And it appears the fear of change or unpredictability will challenge that process. This can be in regards to a romantic or platonic relationship, or a relationship with yourself, with finances, or with your career. Something needs to change. Once you confront the decision, the change, and the transition it will bring, you have to be open to the balance it bestows or face the imbalance it puts on display. Allow yourself to enter and pave a new path toward a familiar or newborn horizon. In order to do so, some of you are going to have to look deep down within yourselves to understand why you are feeling or behaving a certain way or why someone else might be. It’s going to take going into some deep, deep, dark places some places you are afraid to look at. Once you allow yourself to face what is holding you back or making you feel fearful or hesitant, you will be able to grow from it. But first, you have to allow yourself to grow from it. Don't be consumed by whatever flame is surrounding you or be drowned in the sea of emotion that is flooding within you.

Some will find that something needs to be communicated. You’re going to have to speak with your inner workings and your inner Self, or with someone else of interest. And when I say speaking with yourself, I mean sitting down and asking yourself the hard questions. Meditate. Some people think meditation is tedious. But three minutes equals to less than 1% of your day. So try putting the timer on for three minutes, and center yourself. And when you add that to your routine and practice it consistently, you’ll allow yourself the opportunity to find the answers to the questions you don’t have the time to ask.

There is also a lot of attraction in this reading. Some of you are being drawn to a person, a new project, or a new career prospect. You are wanting to find a new flow for your creativity, or a new way to channel your affection. Maybe you will meet up with someone this week that makes you very happy or gives you the affection you are craving. Just make sure you are creating the right boundaries for yourself; ones that facilitate growth. And whatever relationships or situations you find yourself in, remember to think of the law of attraction. This week, it's all about controlling your thoughts, and pushing out good energy; maybe try starting a gratitude journal to help boost positivity and reshape your perspective. Try to find a method that works for you, because it looks like next week some of you will be battling negativity from an internal or external source. You have to keep your thoughts in check so they don’t spread, and be diligent to clear your mind of these inner complaints and judgments. Find a way to balance your energy and exert it appropriately.

This week, the well-being of many of you will become a huge focus point. You are going to need to take care of yourself, whether that means changing your diet, workout routine, mindset, or just giving yourself more time to breathe and work on things you have been wanting to work on; things you are passionate about. Try going on a walk or a run, making that meal you’ve been dying to eat, or having that conversation you’ve been meaning to have with yourself or someone else. There is a lot of stepping back this week; seeing the situation for what it is and not just what you want it to be.

And within all of this, for whoever this is for, there is a strong attraction. Leo is ruled by Libra, and Libra by Venus, romance and beauty. And with the Seven of Hearts here, there are some new feelings starting to develop or be revealed. Something is growing in many different ways, whether that is career wise or romantic wise, or a new project or job you’re starting. Something or someone is trying to come through and you are drawing it toward you, or you are being drawn to it.

So this week, it’s just going to take getting away from that fear of trying, that fear of change, or that fear of letting go so something better can come in. Give yourself the opportunity for that. Because it can be just what you need to grow, heal, and expand. But first, you have to allow yourself the space to step in and look around before you start searching for the next door.